Graphics Design

Let me design a logo, business card, brochure and other marketing materials for your company. I can develop the complete package with consistent branding to make your company stand out with confidence and credibility.

Copy Writing & Proofreading

There's nothing more frustrating than a great business with a less-than-great website or poorly-designed marketing materials. You can't be there 24 hours a day, seven days a week to greet your current clients and to meet potential clients. That's where a well-designed, accurate and professional website comes in handy, giving that first impression to current and potential clients. I can help you make that first impression professional and memorable. I'll also help you keep your materials fresh and consistent.

Marketing & Branding

Consistency is so important when it comes to branding. Think about how you recognize famous brands such as Target (the red bullseye), Nike (the swoosh), McDonalds (the golden arches) and Apple (the apple with a bite missing). You recognize the brand because they are consistent with their logo, colors and marketing. I can help you determine what your company brand should be and how to make it a reality.

Why Brass Tacks?

“Brass Tacks Marketing & Design” - it’s a long name but it covers a lot of ground. I can explain.
I launched this exciting endeavor this month but it has been percolating for about a year. I had my previous graphic design business, Jewel Kae Graphics for almost eight years but it was time to let it go. The name was awkward – I chose it in a hurry and, as a play off my name, Julie Kae. The tagline was cute:
   Is your business a "diamond in the rough”?  
   Does it need to be polished? Need some sparkle?  
   How about some dazzle? 
And…I received a lot of unsolicited requests for a jewelry company. A bit sobering for someone who loves marketing. It’s kind of like the cobbler’s kids have no shoes. How can I be in marketing and not have a clever business name that succinctly tells people what I do?
So, I started brainstorming for a new business name and a fresh logo. I wanted to create a business model that encompassed graphic design, marketing, proofreading, copy writing, and even a bit of interior design. I wanted to be able to look at a small business and assess everything: the logo, the website, the social media accounts, the marketing materials and even the business space. I wanted to look at the complete package and give an honest opinion of what works and what could be improved. My target market would be the small business that doesn’t have the resources to hire a fancy-schmancy advertising firm and/or doesn’t have the time (or the knowhow) to do a good job at marketing itself. I have a special place in my heart for the entrepreneur and small businesses.
Ta-da! It dawned on me that what I wanted to do for those small businesses was to see through all the fluff, the clutter, the incorrect spelling and grammar (there will be more about my grammar nerd tendencies in a later post), the big words that sound so important but are tiring to decipher and…get down to the brass tacks. I wanted to help people present their business to existing and potential clients in a clear, concise and clever way. Like brass tacks. Sharp and tough. Holding things together and on point.
So, here I am: founder, owner, graphic designer, marketing maven, website reviewer, grammar nerd, aspiring author. I’m a one-woman business in a small town in Washington but, thanks to technology, I can work with anyone, anywhere.
And I’m ready to get down to the brass tacks.
Best regards,

Getting down to the brass tacks...

Contact me for a brainstorming session. We can discuss your goals and I can suggest ways to reach those goals with professionalism and a strong sharp strategy.